3/4″ Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvases

Unlike economy-grade stretched canvases found in art supply stores, Upper Canada Stretchers “Gallery Wrapped” Stretched Canvases are a premium, professional-quality product. Using our 3/4″ (20mm)-thick stretcher bars in either the BASIC or STANDARD profile (depending on the frame size ordered) and paired with our 1/2″ x 3″ bracing where necessary, these frames are fully keyable, allowing the canvas to be properly stretched and adjusted over time to keep the ideal tension. The back-stapled #12 cotton duck canvas (approx. 17 oz/sq yd after priming) has a tighter weave and higher thread count than economy-grade canvas and is double-primed with professional quality acrylic gesso to provide an excellent starting point for your paintings. All Upper Canada Stretchers stretched canvases come already keyed and ready for you to paint but keys can be further adjusted, as necessary.

3/4” Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvases can be ordered in both imperial and metric sizing in any dimension from 6-36″/16-92cm (accurate to 1/16” or 1mm) using the custom calculator below – recommended bracing will be calculated automatically but can be increased if you wish. For larger sizes, please contact us  or fill out our quote form.

  • Our 3/4" Stretched Canvases have "gallery wrapped" edges and come pre-primed, ready to be painted on

  • UCS 3/4" Stretched Canvases use our Basic or Standard Stretcher Bars, along with 1/2" x 3" bracing, where applicable

  • 3/4" Stretched Canvases can be ordered in any custom size from 6" to 36" - please contact us for larger sizes

  • Fully keyed, these frames can be tapped out if further stretching is ever needed

3/4″ Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvases

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Double-primed 100% cotton duck canvas, stretched and back-stapled on a 3/4″ (20mm)-thick keyed stretcher frame. Available in any custom size ranging from 6″ to 36″.

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Includes stretcher bars, applicable bracing and keys, plus canvas and stretching

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(Please specify bar lengths between 6 and 36 inches or 16 and 92 cm. Use decimal fractions only, ie 12.75 for 12 3/4 inch. Check this chart for conversions if unsure.

Sizing will be accurate within 1/16″ or 1mm. For larger stretched canvases, please fill out our quote form or phone 1-800-561-4944.)


Recommended # of braces (calculates automatically based on your dimensions):

* To change the number of braces, adjust the number in the box then click Recalculate.
* Quantity discount available on orders of two or more frames of the same size (2% off per frame to a maximum of 20% off). Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.
* Bulk and wholesale rates available – contact us for details.


3/4” Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvases

Canvas – #12 100% cotton duck canvas (primed weight: approx. 17 oz/sq yd)
Gesso – Professional quality acrylic gesso
Stretcher Bars – Kiln dried, solid or finger jointed clear white pine

CUSTOM SIZES: Order using the custom calculator, above, for any size between 6″ and 36″ (~15cm-153cm) – accurate within 1/16” (1mm). Either the Basic or Standard stretcher bar profile will be used automatically, depending on the size ordered. For special orders outside of our custom size range, please contact us or fill out our quote form.

BRACES: 1/2” x 3” clear white pine normally spaced at no greater than 30” centres starting at bar lengths of 36”. For bar sizes less than 36”, braces are optional and are often used to provide protection to the back of the canvas. The brace includes a very effective and attractive “hidden” slot design that holds the keys firmly in place.

KEYS: For Basic profile, keys are 3” long & 5/32” thick, Standard profile keys are 3-1/2” long & 5/32” thick; made of birch plywood or ash solid hardwood. Two keys supplied each per bar and brace.


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