Shaped Canvas Stretchers - Round, Arched, 3D & Other Irregular CNC Designs

The Upper Canada Stretchers Difference

We're best known for our professional-quality custom frames that remain straight and true, even in very large sizes. Enjoy our quick turnaround times and get started at what you do best sooner.

Top quality machining

Expert CNC design and quality machinery allow us to precisely carve any shape you require! Our standard round frames offer your most economical options.

Designed for transport

Oval and round stretcher frames can be disassembled and shipped in a compact, well protected package. This design feature makes it possible to ship large-sized frames by courier at very reasonable prices.

Engineered to Last

Professionally engineered strainers or keyable oval and round stretcher frames and canvases have a front fall or slope to keep the canvas from contacting the frame except at the edge.

Shipping Daily Across North America - No Customs or Duty Charges

Good Art Deserves Good Bones! As both a manufacturer and an  art supply store, we supply galleries, conservators, universities and artists across North America with top quality stretcher frames, fine cotton and linen canvas, and the best materials needed to support your artwork.

Don't see what you're looking for online? Give us a call for a quote on your custom or oversized canvas.

Learn More About Stretcher Frame Design Features

Small or large, we can provide you with the right stretcher design to support your artwork. Learn more about the features that help to make Upper Canada Stretchers some of the best and most trusted canvas stretcher bars in North America...

How Do I Stretch Canvas for Paintings or Prints?

You bought a beautiful painting while on vacation or had a favourite photograph printed on canvas… now how do you get it ready for your wall?

Learn how to choose a stretcher, stretch your canvas and finish it with a floating frame, if you choose.

Client Feedback

Since the early 1980s I have used many different heavy duty stretcher bars, from some that barely warrant the name, to others that are like finished furniture both in weight and engineering. I can’t remember how I found out about your company but I am glad I did.

The bars are made of wood that is not only absolutely straight and well measured, but are extremely strong for their low profile and light weight. Also, they take staples better than any other wood I have used, saving time and effort. I am putting together an exhibition of larger works, and your well-engineered stretcher bars are proving to be the wisest choice. Thank you!

- Tom Paquette,

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation has ordered stretcher bars from Upper Canada Stretchers for the past 10 years. It has been a pleasure to have such a reliable and friendly service.

The quality of their workmanship, reasonable price, with the fast turnaround time has been a significant contribution to my painting conservation practice.

- Peggy Van Witt: Conservator, KS, USA

About Us

We don’t take the word “quality” lightly! We craft professional stretchers of the best materials possible; the finest quality kiln-dried pine, finger-jointed and laminated for extra strength in larger thicknesses and lengths, or solid wood for purists and conservators.

Everything we sell is guaranteed to perform as expected or will be replaced free of charge.

Shop canvas stretchers, gallery wrapped canvas, fine linen and cotton canvas and more online!

Our professional-quality frames are keyable and engineered to stay straight and true.

Learn more about the Upper Canada Stretchers difference.

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