Large & Heavy Duty Canvas Stretchers

Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

The larger the canvas, the more important it is to have it supported by a professionally made stretcher.

Deep Gallery Wrap Stretcher Bars

Our popular gallery wrapped canvas  stretcher bars provide an attractive, economical way of displaying a canvas painting or print.

Aluminum-Wood Stretcher Bars

Custom hybrid wood-aluminum stretcher bars can help meet specific support requirements.

Shipping Daily Across North America - No Customs or Duty Charges

Good Art Deserves Good Bones!  As both a manufacturer and an art supply store, we supply galleries, conservators, universities and artists across North America with top quality stretcher frames, fine cotton and linen canvas, and the best materials needed to support your artwork.

Don't see what you're looking for online? Give us a call for a quote on your custom or oversized canvas.

Learn How to Choose the Right Stretcher Bars

The right stretcher bar profile and adequate bracing are important to ensure ease of use and the stability of the frame during canvas stretching, priming or other preparation of the painting surface, and the long-term...


Lorne Wagman's 'The Phosphorescent Forest' had already destroyed a stretcher frame. Tipping the scales at 150 lbs, his exceptional work demanded a heavy duty canvas stretcher to protect its integrity.

In this case study, you'll see a heavy duty canvas restoration start to finish. See what goes into protecting important works, and learn how to find the right stretcher for your artworks and prints on canvas.

Client Feedback

I am artist on west coast of the USA  so why would I go to the expense of having stretchers shipped from Canada? Because Upper Canada Stretchers provides a superior product with high reliability in both customer service and product consistency.

- Claudia Pettis,

I want to thank you again for the outstanding work that Upper Canada Stretchers did for me.

When I needed a very large stretched canvas for a public commission, I wanted to make sure that it was professionally assembled and stretched so that it could be painted on, moved easily, and hung perfectly without worrying about warping or unevenness. The frame is strong and square yet light enough that it allowed me to work on it in two different locations and the canvas was stretched so neatly that the surface was tight and even, and all the edges are clean and smooth.

Both my client and the professional curator who hung the piece in its public location liked my work but were also impressed by the quality of the stretched canvas.

- Louise Moore, painter

About Us

We don’t take the word “quality” lightly! We craft professional stretchers of the best materials possible; the finest quality kiln-dried pine, finger-jointed and laminated for extra strength in larger thicknesses and lengths, or solid wood for purists and conservators.

Everything we sell is guaranteed to perform as expected or will be replaced free of charge.

Shop canvas stretchers, gallery wrapped canvas, fine linen and cotton canvas and more online!

Our professional-quality frames are keyable and engineered to stay straight and true.

Learn more about the Upper Canada Stretchers difference.

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