Custom Stretched Canvas in All Shapes & Sizes

Engineered to Last

All of our professionally engineered strainers or keyable custom stretched canvas frames have a front fall or slope to keep the canvas from contacting the frame except at the edge.

Top quality machining

Expert CNC design and quality machinery allow us to precisely carve any shape you require! Our standard round frames offer your most economical options.

Designed for transport

Custom stretched canvas can be designed for easy reassembly, and shipping in a compact, well protected package. This design feature makes it possible to ship large-sized frames by courier at very reasonable prices.

Stretched & Prepared Canvas in Any Shape or Size Leaves You Free to do What You Do Best - Paint!

How would you like to take the time consuming work of stretching canvas off your plate, but still know that your canvas is being prepared properly?

We design and manufacture canvas stretchers in every size, shape and volume imaginable. Then, we stretch and prepare them to exacting specifications for professional artists like you. All you’ll have to do is paint!

Our stock stretcher frame profiles range from 3/4″ to 3″ thick, and we can create any custom depth that you wish.

Are you looking for a shaped canvas: round, oval, arched, or a custom design that your imagination conceived? Check out some of our previous work here, and know that we can make any shape or thickness you need, then stretch it for you with cotton or linen, primed or unprimed, in multiple different weights and qualities.

We also make and install gravity bars, which make it easy for you to install your custom stretched canvas in your studio or gallery.

All custom canvases are shipped in well-protected carton containers, and we're shipping across North America daily. Our turnaround times range from a few days to a few weeks.

Fun, Creative Artwork on Irregularly Shaped Blank Canvas

Sometimes, your next great painting idea just doesn’t fit within the confines of a standard rectangular or square canvas. Irregularly shaped canvases can add depth and interest to your piece and, with proper engineering...

Large & Complex Canvases to Inspire Your Most Ambitious Artwork Yet

Sometimes, the space in a room or on an outdoor surface just begs for an oversized piece of artwork. Large, complex paintings like the one above can make a statement, tell a story, and bring the rest of the decorative elements in the room together.

We’ve worked on countless oversized artworks over the years...

Client Feedback

When I needed a very large stretched canvas for a public commission, I wanted to make sure that it was professionally assembled and stretched so that it could be painted on, moved easily, and hung perfectly without worrying about warping or unevenness. The frame is strong and square yet light enough that it allowed me to work on it in two different locations and the canvas was stretched so neatly that the surface was tight and even, and all the edges are clean and smooth.

Both my client and the professional curator who hung the piece in its public location liked my work but were also impressed by the quality of the stretched canvas. Thanks again!

- Louise Moore, Painter - Owen Sound, Ontario

Everything went smoothly and I just got a chance to open the crate and take a look at the canvases. You have done a great job and I would like to say thank you for making my life easier. The fact that they are strong and light weight at the same time means a lot to me.

-Reza Darakshani, Painter & Musician - Austin, Texas

I had great success with your stretcher bars in Bermuda last year during my artist-in-residency. They did not warp, bow, or crack, as did most other stretcher bars in that humid climate.

I am moving to Bermuda soon. I am going to need more of your superb product.

- Michael Cacy, Artist - Portland, Oregon

Our Custom Stretched Canvases

Canvas stretched on a Professional frame (rear view)

Large custom canvas, stretched & installed in-studio

Several large 12’ x 15’ blank canvases stretched and installed in a Montreal studio.

Stretched canvas on a hybrid frame

8’ x 10’ aluminum-wood frame stretched with #12 cotton canvas.

Bulk blank canvas

36 blank canvases being packaged for shipping to Brooklyn, NY.

Custom blank triptych

8′ x 18′ custom blank canvas made as a triptych (three canvases attached as one)

Arched, stretched canvas

Arched custom frame stretched with unprimed cotton canvas.

Keyable Designs

To prevent keys from falling out during transportation we “spot-weld” the keys to the frame with a drop of wood glue. This glue will break off if the keys are tapped with a hammer should further keying-out be required.

Triptych with gravity bars

Gravity bars installed on the horizontal braces of the frame, ready for mounting the canvases.

Canvas in any shape you desire

30” keyed triangular stretcher with primed canvas.

Gallery wrapped stretched canvas

Gallery wrapped, arched stretched canvas, ready to go.

Stretching Finished Canvas

We can stretch your existing paintings and prints, too - see here for more.

About Us

We don’t take the word “quality” lightly! We craft professional stretchers of the best materials possible; the finest quality kiln-dried pine, finger-jointed and laminated for extra strength in larger thicknesses and lengths, or solid wood for purists and conservators.

Everything we sell is guaranteed to perform as expected or will be replaced free of charge.

Shop canvas stretchers, gallery wrapped canvas, fine linen and cotton canvas and more online!

Our professional-quality frames are keyable and engineered to stay straight and true.

Learn more about the Upper Canada Stretchers difference.

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