Single, Double-Faced & Shaped Art Panels

If you are looking for wood art panels or canvas boards for your paintings, we can custom make them for you in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The designs we regularly make fall into the following categories:

  • Single-Faced Art Panels:  1/8” or 1/4” Baltic birch wood on a clear pine subframe
  • Double-Faced Art Panels:  1/8” Baltic birch plywood on both sides of a clear pine internal frame
  • Shaped Art Panels:  usually made of plywood, MDF, and/or high density foam

Single-faced wood art panels are generally the lowest cost option and work well for smaller sizes, generally under 48” in dimension. For sizes larger than this, the risk of the panel warping increases. Though more expensive, double-faced wood art panels are very stable and are a better choice for panel sizes over 48”.

Using CNC machinery, we can also produce shaped art panels of any design and thickness.

Canvas can be stretched over the canvas boards (with or without a raised edge) or the art panels can be primed and painted on directly, depending on your preference.

Below are several photos of canvas boards and wood art panels we have made for our customers. Please call us at 1-800-561-4944 or send us an email if you have any questions or if you would like a quote.





Double-faced birch wood art panels, available in any thickness you want.  Internal frame made of clear white pine.  Edges of panel can be square or bevelled at 45 degrees as shown above or any angle you prefer.  We can make panels without seams up to 60” x 60” or 48” x 96”.  Larger art panels would include seams which are filled and sanded smooth and would become invisible once the surface is primed.


48” x 60” double-faced wood art panel being glued to the clear pine subframe.



Rear and front view of a 24” x 30” double-faced MDF canvas board art panel, 1” thick, covered with #12 unprimed cotton canvas.  A 3/4”-thick wood frame is attached to the back of the panel to hold the artwork “floating off the wall” which is an attractive way to display paintings.



CNC-cut 3/4” thick shaped birch canvas board art panel with cut out sections.  This wooden panel has raised edges and was covered with unprimed canvas.



Rear view of single-faced birch panel with clear pine subframe with centre section cut out.


1/2”-thick MDF plaques machined with a 45 degree bevel on front face and keyhole mounting on back.



1-3/4”-thick art panels made by laminating fir plywood, high density foam and birch plywood, and then cut into very elaborate shapes.



Cloud shaped CNC-cut 3/4” thick MDF art panel, primed on both sides.