On-Site Canvas Stretching Services

Many of our creative customers have conceived unusual art projects that involve special considerations for the canvas stretching and installation. Through experience over the years with such projects, we have developed techniques to handle many challenging situations.

We are always available over the telephone for free consultations. For a reasonable fee, we also offer our trained staff for onsite assistance. If your project involves many paintings or reproductions, or very large works (up to 30 feet or more), we can send staff to assist on site with any phase: assembly of stretcher frames, stretching of the canvases, and hanging the finished result. Particularly in the assembly and hanging of large canvases, expert advice can save you a lot of time and unnecessary cost.

Give us a call at 1-800-561-4944 or email us to  request a quote for onsite stretching services.

OnSite Canvas Stretching - Toronto, Ontario

Click to see a time-lapse video of stretching and installing this 7′ x 20′ painting in Toronto, Ontario


On-Site Canvas Stretching - Royal Ontario Museum

15′ x 36′ painting from India of Bollywood stretched and installed at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario


Onsite Canvas Stretching Assistance

Stretching and installation of a painting on our Heavy Duty Standard stretcher, Toronto, Ontario


On Site Canvas Stretching - Heavy Duty Stretchers

Stretching of raw linen on a Heavy Duty Standard stretcher frame

Onsite Canvas Stretching Assistance

12′ x 15′ triple primed linen, stretched and installed in a Montreal studio