Upper Canada Stretchers, North America’s leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer of professional-grade canvas stretchers and panels, has announced a new partnership with US-based North American Aluminum Stretcher Company (NAASCO). As part of the deal, NAASCO’s architectural-grade premium aluminum alloy canvas stretchers will be available online exclusively through the UCSArt.com e-commerce store.



Other benefits coming to the customers of both brands include:

  • Improved access to on-site canvas stretching services including local delivery, installations, and consultations for galleries, artists and institutions in Southern California and New York


  • Custom design options and modifications now available for H40 (40mm or 1.57″ thick) and H27 (27mm or 1.06″ thick) premium aluminum stretcher profiles


  • Shipping of premium aluminum stretchers across North America, to the entire market serviced by UCSArt.com

“NAASCO’s professional grade aluminum stretchers are an incredible addition to the UCSArt.com product line,” said Bob Nadon, founder of Upper Canada Stretchers. “We felt this was a great fit. NAASCO’s stretcher started out in Europe over 15 years ago and we grew out of a small shop in Canada and have developed, over the past 17 years, into the leading provider of professional canvas stretchers shipping across North America daily. NAASCO’s premium aluminum stretcher is a great option for the clients we serve, particularly those who are looking for the best way to support very large canvases or art to be displayed in challenging environments.”


Two Professional Fine Art Supports Manufacturers Come Together to Improve Access to Premium Aluminum Stretchers and Expanded On-Site Services Across North America


NAASCO stretcher profiles have been used for stretching canvases between 12 inches and 50 feet wide. Aluminum bars fitted with plywood permit stapling of the canvas. A mechanical key system for the corner joints and each brace allows for fine-tuned adjustments of tension throughout the canvas. The aluminum frames are easily taken apart and reassembled, making it possible to move, ship and store even oversized canvases. NAASCO’s product is renowned for maintaining unparalleled stability and integrity, especially through adverse conditions.

“We are excited about our partnership with Upper Canada Stretchers as we feel they share the same affection for high quality. Their attention to detail and focus on quality are characteristics both companies embody, along with great customer service. We are looking forward to growing with UCS, a group we feel is truly one of the best companies in North America for fine art material.” – Julian Harmon, North American Aluminum Stretcher Company

NAASCO stretchers will soon be available in the UCSArt.com online store. Interested parties are encouraged to call Upper Canada Stretchers directly at 1-800-561-4944 or email info@ucsart.com to speak with a canvas stretchers expert about their specific needs.


About Upper Canada Stretchers

Professional-grade canvas stretcher manufacturer Upper Canada Stretchers was founded by Bob Nadon in 2001. The company has its headquarters in Owen Sound, Ontario, in a 7,000 sq ft shop and office facility shared with Upper Canada CNC Studio, a sister company specializing in custom shaped art canvases and panels. From its e-commerce store UCSArt.com and call centre, Upper Canada Stretchers services clients across North America with daily shipping of custom and standard size canvas stretchers, fine cotton and Belgian linen, art stretching supplies, and more.


The North American Aluminum Stretcher Company (NAASCO) is a boutique shop specializing in aluminum stretcher bars and canvases for professional artists. With origins in Vienna, Austria, the system once known as Alustretch USA has been widely used throughout Europe and North America by world-renowned artists and hobbyists alike for more than 20 years. NAASCO’s innovatively designed, high-quality product has supported some of the world’s best and biggest paintings. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles, California, NAASCO provides excellent service and stretchers across the United States.