John McCoy All Saints Parish in Alpena, Michiganrecently completed a mural painting for All Saints Parish in Alpena, Michigan that he created on ten large stretched canvases from Upper Canada Stretchers for the project.  He wanted to let other fine artists know that everything about the project was wonderful and the canvases played a big role!  His greatest appreciation was the quality of the construction and how square they were, which was especially useful when 6 of the 10 canvases were installed flush in two triptychs.

ABOUT JOHN: My work is predominantly digitally and traditionally painted illustrations, created for various venues and projects, including public installation, murals, magazines, and books. I focus on realistic, narrative, and figurative compositions that complement my philosophical beliefs and viewpoints about human life. Through the universal language of the human form, the narrative power of composition, and the symbolic potential of pictorial elements and their spatial relationship, I seek to create living moments full of purpose and meaning.

Title and specs of the work:
“Communion of Saints” Mural Painting – All Saints Parish, Alpena, MI, 60×9′ Acrylic on Canvas, 2016

Page on my website dedicated to the painting with photos, info, and links to published articles about the work:
John McCoy Art – Communion of Saints 

Thank you,
John McCoy | Illustrator & Fine Artist

YouTube time-lapse video of the painting process (Week 1):

Links to the additional weeks can be found below video

Painting Process: (Week 2)  (Week 3)  (Week 4)  (Week 5)  (Week 6)  (Week 7)  (Week 8)  (Week 9)  (Week 10)

YouTube video of the finished results: